Social Responsibility  

Social Role

During its 150 years, BancoEstado has ensured the progress of both the country and people, and social commitment is the hallmark that has distinguished the Bank from the rest of the financial institutions. Therefore, each of its strategic alignments has been focused on improving the quality of life of men and women, who due to economic conditions or who live in isolated areas are excluded from the banking system.

In order to efficiently fulfill its social responsibility, through a series of actions, BancoEstado has undertaken an intense and sustained renovation program, reaching a high level of competitiveness. Likewise, it has increasingly separated its income from inflation and terminal accounts, improving its performance. Thus BancoEstado can be deemed a solid and reliable institution, with a low risk rate and high competitiveness of products and services.

  • Bankarization

    BancoEstado has the most extensive distribution network of the banking system, ensuring that most of the population has access to financial products and services, especially focusing on the social and productive sectors, that due to isolation, risk or profitability are not an attractive market for the private banking industry.

  • Savings Promotion

    BancoEstado promotes saving among Chileans of all social segments, mainly among low-income segments, thus becoming the main financial institution capturing voluntary personal savings in the country.

  • Housing Finance

    BancoEstado leads in the housing finance market, helping low-income sectors to achieve the dream of homeownership.

  • Promotion Role

    BancoEstado promotes productive activities among companies and sectors that have not been comprehensively covered by private banking, due to lack of information, insufficient financial background or higher risk levels.

  • Financing Major Projects

    BancoEstado has helped to finance important production and service projects, which are infrastructure projects that benefit the population in general, improving transport, access and communication conditions.

  • Services for Public Institutions

    BancoEstado, through various kinds of agreements with state institutions and organizations, offers a wide range of services to the public sector and its employees, permitting them to pay salaries, make collections and electronic transfers of financing and banking information, thus contributing to the country’s development and the modernization of the State.

  • Cultural Administration

    BancoEstado develops an active role in disseminating culture and education, helping to improve the quality of life and development of large population sectors, especially those with less income or who live in remote geographical areas.